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Oписание продукта

Sructure and Performance: Product’s main structures consist of flexible TDP mineral element layer, moxibustion and acupoint treatment layer, pressoheating layer and adhesive layer. Weight of element layer and therapy layer should not less than 30mg. Surface temperature of product should not higher than 65 degree. Heating time for DT-70A and Dt-90A should not less than 12 hours, while DT-70B and DT-90B should not less than 16 hours. Average temperature of element layer surface should not less than 38 degrees.

Application scope: Soft tissue injury, rheumatic arthritis, bone hyperplasia, cervical vertebra disease, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, inflammation of peri arthritis of shoulder, chronic prostaltitis, chronic pelvic inflammation , chronic gastritis and colitis.

Feature and Function: It can combine far infrared ray heating treatment, TDP electromagnetic treatment, and hotpress treatment with Chinese Moxibustion therapy. The product has the following functions: warm up and dredge the channels, dispel the wind and remove coldness, diminish inflammation and ease ains, incigorate the circulation of blood, improve micro circulation, and accelerate recovery function of injured tissue.


1. Clean the affected place before use

2. Tear open the sealed aluminum pack and take out the pad

3. Remove protective papers on both sides of the pad

4. Put on the black elements surface on the affected part or acupoint

5. The pad heats itself after taking out from pack, it can be removed when stops heating. It is one time use only

6. When used on movable places, medical tape is suggested to be used

Suggested Part for Pad: Soft tissues injury(apply on injured position) , arthritis(apply on the aching point), Pain of bone hyperplasia(apply on the aching point), Cervical vertebra disease ( apply on Dazhui), Lumbar muscle strain , Lumbar intervertebral disc hemiation (apply on Yao yangguang ,Shenyu, Weizhong), Periathritis of shoulder (apply on Jianyu, Jianjing ), Chronic prostatitis (apply on Guanyuan, Huiyin), Chronic pelvic inflammation (apply on Guanyuan, Zhongji, Ciliao, Baihuanshu or Sanyingjiao), Chronic gastritis and colitis(apply on abdomen or Shenque). Please refer to acupoint figure.

Dosage: One pad per day for each affected part of follow doctor’s suggestion.

Taboo: Patients of malignant tumor, high fever, active tuberculosis, damaged skin.

Cautions and Warning:

1. Pregnant women. Children, diabetic and patient with gout should follow doctor’s suggestions

2. Patients with skin allergies, nerve injuries and disabilities should be taken care when using this product

3. Rub the pad slightly to accelerate time of becoming warm. Tolerance to temperature is different for each individual, so scald might happen. For the scald, it needs to be protected not to be infected

4. Please remove the pad carefully to avoid skin stretch

5. Please do not use the pad in case package broken or hard block in bags

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place, sealed.