Reliable Power Bank Inverter Pump/Car Converter 24V 230V 2000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter 12V/24V/48V

Reliable Power Bank Inverter Pump/Car Converter 24V 230V 2000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter 12V/24V/48V
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Undervoltage protection
Overvoltage protection
Overcurrent protection
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Reverse protection
Overheating protection 
1. High conversion efficiency and fast startup;  
2. Good safety performance: The product has five kinds of protection functions: short circuit, overload, over/under voltage and over temperature;  
3. Good physical properties: The product adopts all-aluminum shell, good heat dissipation performance, hard oxidation treatment on the surface, good anti-friction performance, and can resist extrusion or impact of certain external force;  
4. With load adaptability and stability  
Work efficiency     
The inverter itself consumes a portion of its power when it is operating, so its input power is greater than its output power. The efficiency of the inverter is the ratio of the output power of the inverter to the input power, that is, the efficiency of the inverter is the output power than the input power. If an inverter inputs 100 watts of direct current and outputs 90 watts of alternating current, then its efficiency is 90%.      
Scope of use
1. Use office equipment (such as: computers, fax machines, printers, scanners, etc.);
2. Use life appliances (such as: game consoles, DVDs, stereos, cameras, electric fans, lighting, etc.);
3. Or when you need to charge the battery (cell phone, electric shaver, digital camera, camera, etc.);
Use attention
1, DC voltage should be consistent
Each inverter has a DC voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc.
The required battery voltage must be the same as the inverter DC input voltage. For example, a 12V inverter must have a 12V battery.
2. The output power of the inverter must be greater than the power used by the appliance. Especially for appliances with large power at startup, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, it is necessary to leave a larger margin.
3, the positive and negative poles must be connected correctly
The DC voltage to which the inverter is connected is marked with a positive and negative pole. Red is positive (+), black is negative (-), and the battery is also marked with positive and negative poles, red is positive (+), black is negative (-), and must be positive (red) when connected. Negative (black and black). The cable diameter must be thick enough and the length of the cable should be as small as possible.
4, should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, beware of rain, and the surrounding objects have a distance of more than 20cm, away from flammable and explosive products, should not be placed on the machine or cover other items, the use of ambient temperature is not more than 40 ° C .
5. Charging and inverter cannot be performed at the same time. That is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the inverter output during inverter.
6. The interval between two starts is not less than 5 seconds (disconnect the input power).
7. Wipe with a dry cloth or an antistatic cloth to keep the machine clean.
8. Before connecting the input and output of the machine, first ground the casing of the machine correctly.
9. To avoid accidents, users are forbidden to open the case for operation and use.
10. If you suspect that the machine is faulty, please do not continue to operate and use it.
The input and output should be cut off in time, and the maintenance should be checked by qualified maintenance personnel or maintenance units.
11. When connecting the battery, make sure there are no other metal objects on the hand to avoid short circuit of the battery and burn the human body.
12, the use of the environment, based on safety and performance considerations, the installation environment should have the following conditions:
1) Dry: Do not soak or rain;

2) cool: the temperature is between 0 ° C and 40 ° C;

3) Ventilation: keep no foreign matter in the 5CM on the housing, and the other end faces are well ventilated.


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